yed Install User Guide Developer Manual

NOTE: yed is known to work on most flavors of Linux, MacOS, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Build from source:

  • C compiler supporting -std=gnu99

Grab the latest source code from
                $ git clone
Use the provided to build and install yed. Build/install options can be changed in install.options or by passing the following flags to
  • -c CONFIG -- specify the build configuration. (existing options are debug and release) release is the default.
  • -p PREFIX -- the installation prefix path. By default, this is set to a reasonable system path like /usr.
Ex. Build and install a debug build to a test directory (if you just want to try it out):
                $ ./ -c debug -p test
Ex. Build and install a user-local release build:
                $ ./ -p ~/.local
Ex. Build and install a release build to your system:
                $ sudo ./
NOTE: if you installed yed to a non-default path, ensure that the directory containing the yed executable is in your PATH.

You should now be able to run yed!
                $ yed # test your installation