yed Install User Guide Developer Manual

tab-width Number of columns to display for a tab character. Also used by plugins for things like indentation, for example. Default 4.
cursor-line If true, highlight the current line with the "cursor-line" style component. Default "no".
ctrl-h-is-backspace Indicates to yed that your terminal sends the ctrl-h keycode on backspace. If you know that this is not the case, you can set this to "no" and bind ctrl-h independently of backspace. Default "yes".
buffer-load-mode Method used to load buffers from the file system. Options are "map" and "stream". "stream" may be faster for smaller buffers. Default "map".
bracketed-paste-mode If the bracketed paste escape codes should be interpreted as such. Default "on".
enable-search-cursor-move Whether or not the cursor can move when interactively searching for a string. Default "yes".
default-scroll-offset Sets the scroll offset for new frames. Default 5.
command-prompt-string Default "YED>".
fill-string The string displayed on lines in a frame where the buffer does not have content. Default "~".
fill-scomp The name of the style component to use when drawing the fill string. Default unset.
cursor-move-clears-search Whether or not moving the cursor causes the most recent search to stop being shown. Default "yes".
use-boyer-moore If true, uses the Boyer Moore substring search algorithm, which can be faster for long strings with certain properties. Default "no".