yed Install User Guide Developer Manual

NOTE: The command show-vars pulls up the special buffer *vars, which displays the current value of every set variable.

tab-width Number of columns to display for a tab character. Also used by plugins for things like indentation, for example. Default 4.
cursor-line If true, highlight the current line with the "cursor-line" style component. Default "no".
ctrl-h-is-backspace Indicates to yed that your terminal sends the ctrl-h keycode on backspace. If you know that this is not the case, you can set this to "no" and bind ctrl-h independently of backspace. Default "yes".
buffer-load-mode Method used to load buffers from the file system. Options are "map" and "stream". "map" may be faster for very large buffers. Default "stream". Some "files" can't be loaded with buffer-load-mode "map" such as things in /proc.
bracketed-paste-mode If the bracketed paste escape codes should be interpreted as such. Default "on".
enable-search-cursor-move Whether or not the cursor can move when interactively searching for a string. Default "yes".
default-scroll-offset Sets the scroll offset for new frames. Default 5.
command-prompt-string Default "YED>".
fill-string The string displayed on lines in a frame where the buffer does not have content. Default "~".
fill-scomp The name of the style component to use when drawing the fill string. Default unset.
cursor-move-clears-search Whether or not moving the cursor causes the most recent search to stop being shown. Default "yes".
use-boyer-moore If true, uses the Boyer Moore substring search algorithm, which can be faster for long strings with certain properties. Default "no".
status-line-left Format string describing the left section of the status line. Default " %f %b" (frame number, buffer name).
status-line-center Format string describing the center section of the status line. Default "" (nothing).
status-line-right Format string describing the right section of the status line. Default "(%p%%) %l :: %c %t " (vertical position in buffer as a percentage, line number, column number, current time).
screen-update-sync Whether or not to wrap screen updates in a pair of escape sequences (\e[?2026h, and \e[?2026l) that indicate one screen update to the terminal. Default "yes".
syntax-max-line-length For plugins using syntax.h, this variable limits the maximum length of a line that will be highlighted. Default 1000.